YouTube Happenings and Blog Updates

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t (T_T) but I have been AWOL for about a month. Partly due to a new job, but also because I have been working with my friend, John, on our new YouTube channel, You Should Play. I’m the fool clearly reading from the teleprompter.

Here’s our framework: every month one of us will suggest a game we think You Should Play to our co-host, who hasn’t played said game. We get together to have a discussion about why we think You Should Play it. Then, over the course of the month, we’ll release gameplay videos, peppered with discussions about the game. At the end of the month we’ll have a talk about whether or not we still think You Should Play it, and then we’ll move on to the next game. Our first play-through is Uncharted 2:

We had some technical hiccups for the first few videos, but we’ve ironed out the kinks now. We love feedback, and we take suggestions for games. Also, new Optimistic Blog Posts forthcoming. Thanks for your continued support, everybody, and stay optimistic.

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