Creative Christmas Day 3

This is part of a Christmas collaboration event by Later Levels. If you want to learn more, click here.

Question: You receive a call from Santa, as the elves desperately need a hand in the workshop getting all the toys ready. Which video game character would you recruit to help out?

Who I Would Recruit

The answer to today’s question came to me right away. The answer?

Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Think about it. He’s the Fastest Thing Alive. Who else could compete? He would churn out gifts in a streak of blue and white, elves flying through the air as explosions rippled throughout Santa’s factory. Sure, he would cause rampant destruction, but the sheer speed of his toy making would mean that every kid in the world would get dozens of gifts each. Santa would be buried in gifts as butt rock pumped through the North Pole. 

Occasionally he would chide the elves. “You’re too slow!” he would say, with a wink of his eye and a point of his finger. This would infuriate the elves, causing them to work faster, too. Rage is the greatest motivator, and the competitive elves would try as hard as they could to keep up. They still couldn’t keep up with the Blue Hedgehog, though. Nobody can. Nobody.

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