Optimistic Lookback: Dishonored

With the recent release of Dishonored 2, I felt it was time to finally kick off my new semi-regular series, the Optimistic Lookback. This week I’ll be examining Dishonored, Arkane Studios’ 2012 action-stealth game. Dishonored sort of came and went for me back when it was first released. I remember very distinctly reading articles about […]

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Destiny: A Retrospective 

I played Destiny at the very beginning. Like any MMO, the first build of Destiny was very different than what it has become today but, unlike most other MMOs what players were promised and what we got were two wildly different things. I followed the hype loosely, paying vague attention to the promises Bungie and […]

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On the Maturation of Videogames

Last month among a slough of amazing game announcements at E3 a new God of War game was finally announced. It stuck out to me for two reasons. First, and most obviously, I’m a fan of the franchise. But second, and more importantly, it marked a huge departure from the previous iterations, so huge that […]

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